Monday, February 25, 2008

The Marmalade Chronicles

We welcome a new correspondent to the "blog": "D. From Atlanta." We call him "D." to prevent possible embarrassment, as you will soon discern. Here is a message we received moments ago from "D. From Atlanta": "Hey, I read your blog a lot and like how lots of different subjects all come together. Here's an example. You blogged about Corner Gas, I started watching it - it's pretty bad but I like it. [Therein the possible embarrassment; we realize we are being unfair to CORNER GAS, having never really given it a chance - ed.] Anyway, there was an episode on the other day where Brent Butt ate marmalade. True. Here's a whole forum discussion about it." Then, being a man of his word, "D. From Atlanta" provided a "link" to a discussion forum about Brent Butt eating marmalade: