Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Love, Nietzsche, and Birth Control

I wasn't trying to be cryptic. I noticed that "Arabella Sabotage," the haunting Hubcap City song about a non-haunting ("There is no ghost; there is no devil - just an empty dining room and a long dark hall"), which can be heard on their magnificent CD SUPERLOCALHELLFREAKRIDE, either contains a reference to the Mark Rothko book I am reading, or shares a similar source. The narrator of the song has been let down by a guy called Squinchy, let down the same way he has been let down in the past by - as he tells us - "free love, Nietzsche, and birth control." These were three of the four subjects on which Emma Goldman lectured in Portland, Oregon, during Rothko's youth there. Far from being let down by them, we believe that Ms. Goldman was probably advocating. The fourth subject of her lecture series was "Anarchy" (or "Anarchism" - the book is downstairs and I'm too tired to check.) Speaking of books, that's a picture of Hubcap City playing a "gig" at A Cappella Books. See the books?