Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Is Phil Oppenheim trying to usurp McNeil's Movie Korner? You be the judge! Phil writes: "I dvr'd and am now watching Mario Lanza in 'Toast of New Orleans.' One might wonder why. It stinks. And Lanza looks like the deranged Italian cousin of the Michelin Man. Always nice to see David Niven, though. I couldn't help but notice that the lyricist for the songs was the famous New Orleanian Sammy Cahn ..." We at the "blog" are not sure that McNeil would object to Phil's impertinence. Just today McNeil and I were talking about fonts as usual, and McNeil wondered aloud about Phil's favorite font. No surprise there! One got the impression that whatever Phil's favorite font is, McNeil intends to use it from now on.