Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Laura Lippman knows that we have been reading Mailer, and sends in this report: "While researching something for the book-in-progress, I learned today that Bewitched might have been based on a Norman Mailer short story. I haven't seen a really firm source for this, but he wrote a story called 'The Witch of Westport' and it's said to have been optioned." Who needs a firm source, Laura? Need we remind you that this is a "blog"? So let's run with it. We so much want it to be true. In the spirit of "blogging," I vow to do zero research on this matter. In other Bewitched-related news, Theresa is looking for a copy of the TV movie in which Elizabeth Montgomery portrayed Lizzie Borden. Her Patty Hearst chapter having been completed, she is a decent way into her Lizzie Borden chapter. Many people have told us that the Borden TV movie "messed them up" as children, much as Tom Franklin was so scared of Barbara Eden, another attractive person who, like Montgomery, usually played a friendly sitcom staple with magical powers. To conclude, we draw your attention to the following video, which, as we have mentioned here in the past, Theresa came across in the course of her research. The interesting part is that a few weeks ago, at the dinner party to which I walked in my flannel pants (as dutifully reported), our host had a recording of this exact performance on a vinyl LP. What are the odds?