Thursday, February 28, 2008

Summer Glau! Chondroitin!

"hey [sic] ...your blog is a study in contrasts...isn't it?" writes McNeil, via email. "What I mean to say is that the picture of HC in the library [sic] is so profoundly different than the one of Dino on the couch with what looks to be a bowl of ice cream and 2 bottles of booze...and yet they are so close together in space. Hmmmm. What would Jerry say?" To answer your question, Mr. McNeil, you need look no further than this very "blog," where, as we have noted in the past, Jerry would say, "Summer GLAU! ChonDROITin!" That is not, in point of fact, exactly what we noted, but so what? Finally, we will observe that McNeil must have sent his email before seeing the video of Phil's hometown, or else he would have been deranged with paroxysms of giddiness. Just yesterday, after I told McNeil a joke that Phil had told me, McNeil suggested that I change the "blog's" subheading to "Phil is a gem."