Monday, February 18, 2008

Secrets of the Terminator's Television Program

You will be glad to know that the actor who portrays Bubbles, one of my two favorite characters on THE WIRE, made an appearance in tonight's episode of the Terminator's TV show. (You can "click" here for an old "post" with Bubbles' picture on it.) Things haven't been this exciting around here since the lady from FIREFLY appeared on MAD MEN. Gracious me, those were heady times. In case you are wondering - and I know you are! - my other favorite WIRE character is "The Bunk" (pictured). Theresa and the man who was almost in a plane crash with Werner Herzog share the same favorite WIRE character: Omar. They discussed him in depth last night. Hope this is helpful information for everyone! I know you will put it to good use. Finally I will admit that I find it hard to concentrate on and/or understand the Terminator's TV program and usually I give up. It is not the Terminator's fault! His show comes on after the class, and I'm just so tired from all the learning. Do you know why I'm extra proud of this "post"? Well, lots of reasons! But mostly because every "link" in it, save the very last one, contains a reference to Jerry Lewis!