Saturday, February 23, 2008

Almost an Anagram

A scene in which Ravel sips Pernod. A scene in which Ravel transcribes the songs of birds. These are two scenes in the novel RAVEL. Why am I telling you this? Because I have told you similar things before. It's called "automatic pilot." The "blog" has become a kind of "trap." These "facts" have no "substance." There's nothing in them for you. Maybe it has something to do with what Jasper Johns said about his paintings that time. Or maybe I should shut my fat gob, which is almost an anagram for "blog." One is also asked, at times, to shut - rather than one's "gob" - one's "trap," which is what the "blog" has become (see above). The least I can do is give you another painting by Jasper Johns to look at. Why am I such a "prat" (which is an anagram for "trap")? (To make it all up to you, here is an interview with Jasper Johns in the Brooklyn Rail, a publication that was kind enough to review one of my books. The first thing in the interview is the fact that Jasper Johns has seen that latest of "blog" concerns, a UFO. I found the interview by accident when I was looking for a painting to include here. See how "blogging" works? I just don't know anymore. You know who's really good at anagrams? Jon Host. I have a long story about that.)