Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner: Once Married to Michelle Pfeiffer

"Oh boy oh boy! It has gotten good, people." Thus begins another episode of Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner. Dr. "M" is referring to the televised program LOST. "I am a big fan of Jeremy Davies," she writes, "although I think he may be playing himself...or at least a version of his characters from Rescue Dawn [a Werner Herzog film - ed.] and Dogville. That dude is some kind of skinny." Dr. "M." goes on to mention that Fisher Stevens (who appeared on the most recent episode) was once married to Michelle Pfeiffer. You know, I mentioned this same thing to several people who did not care. One such instance happened during a conference with a student. The student was wearing a Joss Whedon [creator of FIREFLY - ed.] t-shirt, which prompted me somehow - there is no direct connection - to tell him that Fisher Stevens had once been married to Michelle Pfeiffer. But no one cares! No one cares but me and Dr. "M.," which is why her note cheered me up so much. Finally I will append a note from McNeil, because it deals with television. In the course of researching his novel-in-progress, the plot of which spans several decades, McNeil has stumbled across a program listing for what he calls "the greatest hour of television ever." It's an episode of THE BRADY BUNCH VARIETY HOUR. Here is the description: "April 25, 1977, 8pm. Guests: Rick Dees and the 'What's Happening!!' kids (Ernest Thomas, Haywood Nelson, Fred Barry, and Danielle Spencer). Songs: 'Dis-Gorilla' by Rick Dees; 'Thank God I'm A Country Girl' by Ann B. Davis." (Pictured, Fisher Stevens and Ann B. Davis.)