Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner, With Special Guest Star McNeil

We are graced by TWO Dr. "M.'s TV Korners in one day! We firmly believe, without checking too hard, that this has never happened in the whole history of the "blog," though there was a memorable occasion upon which we had two in a row (on successive days). Now on to the reasons behind this happy phenomenon. Dr. "M.'s" affection for BEVERLY HILLS 90210 is well documented. So you can imagine her delight in reporting that Rob Thomas (creator of "blog" "fave" VERONICA MARS) is in charge of a brand new spin-off of that show. "Click" here for the "link" provided by Dr. "M." on that subject. Now we traverse from the heights of giddiness to the Slough of Despond. (That's a little John Bunyan reference for the kids! Wheeeee!) Dr. "M." titles her next email "why does Lost make me cry?" We include it here in its entirety (with the usual spoiler-avoiding asterisks): "Boo hoo, I say! But I will say no more until I know that the blog-meister has seen the latest episode of Lost. If he has, could he tell me what book the guard was reading upside down before she ***** ******* into *** ******? Thanks! A grievance--why, oh why, Entertainment Weekly, do you insist on spoiling the last season of The Wire for those who don't have HBO?! I now just skip over any mention or photo of ****** because I don't want to know! Boo hoo to that too! Waaaaaahhh! A whiney Dr. M" Finally, speaking of sad things, it is time for another obituary. McNeil writes in to say that TV star Ivan Dixon has passed away. "He died in Charlotte!" McNeil exclaims with a kind of perverse pride in his city. "In good company!" McNeil continues. He goes on to remind us of the passing of Fielder Cook. (Pictured, John Bunyan. The kids love him!)