Sunday, March 23, 2008

McNeil Beaten?

Remember McNeil's idea for a TV movie? We have received an email here at the Module implying that McNeil has been beaten to it. Let me spend several hundred words explaining from whence the email came. Remember the man who says "palimpsest" (not to be confused with Dr. "M.," who also likes palimpsests)? The person who sent the email, a gentleman I have never met, is a friend of the man who says "palimpsest." Let me go further. The man who says "palimpsest" is also the man who has seen only one episode of STAR TREK, and the stranger who ingeniously figured out my email address and sent a message to McNeil is the person who showed the man who says "palimpsest" his one episode of STAR TREK. Are we clear on this? Very well. Now go back and review McNeil's idea for a TV movie. Done? Good. Then, if you are McNeil, "click" here to find out all about another TV movie, "link" courtesy of the STAR TREK friend of the man who says "palimpsest." If you are not McNeil, please ignore this "post" and go on about your business as if none of this had ever happened.