Monday, March 03, 2008

A Dream of Nuts

For a few more days, he is still the FBIL. And he is dreaming about the "blog"! Here is what my future brother-in-law dreamt about the "blog." Afterward, I will tell you why it is so freaky! Now, the FBIL: "So, this morning I had a dream about your blog. I dreamt that you posted an entry about nuts, and that it was the greatest blog entry ever. In my dream, your readers had the ability to post comments about your blog, and within seconds of the posting of the 'nut blog,' there were hundreds of comments, all of which congratulated you for the greatness of the 'nut blog.' As to the actual content of the 'nut blog,' sadly I have no recollection. All I remember is the comment I typed in just before I woke up: 'Great blog! How about salted and unsalted?'" Here ends the FBIL's transmission. Now I will reveal the freaky part. Just a little while ago I returned from "teaching" a class. One of the stories we went over relied heavily (and effectively) on nut imagery! The word "nuts" was in the title, even. The last scene in the story involved the delicious saltiness of nuts. Then I checked the email and found the preceding message about dream nuts and the relative saltiness thereof. It is as if the FBIL was reading the collective mind of my youthful charges. On an unrelated note of freakiness, I would like to warn everyone that the Werner Herzog piece to which I "linked" earlier contains some disturbing and blithely presented subject matter, way more disturbing and blithe than the Lizzie Borden song which used to creep us out so much. I'm not kidding. If you are likely to be creeped out by things pretty regularly, as I am, maybe you will want to read the little article summary at the top of the page before deciding whether or not to continue. (Pictured, a blue jay with a peanut in its beak. Thank you for your time and attention.)