Thursday, March 06, 2008

Friendly "Links"

"Blogging" time grows short. Thankfully, I have friends who send me "links." Here are some "links" for you to look at during a fallow time for the "blog." The first one comes from Phil Oppenheim, who sent it to me because it is about Superman. For that "link," "click" here. The second one is about Helen Keller. Dr. "M." knows that Helen Keller came from Alabama, a fact possibly burned into her brain by my special apolitical karaoke lyrics to "Sweet Home Alabama," in which I list all the great people, like Helen Keller, who came from Alabama. In any case, that (the Alabama connection) is why Dr. "M." sent me this "link." Finally, McNeil forwards his email reminder from TCM that BOEING, BOEING will air on March 12 at 10 PM EDT. There, that should hold you.