Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nice Dinner

A very nice dinner at the home of a very nice couple who - as became clear in the course of ordinary conversation - LOVE Jerry Lewis! You will notice that I am not using their names, but not to protect them from the supposed shame of loving Jerry. There is NO SHAME IN THAT. It's just that I don't feel comfortable bandying about their names in "blog" form without their permission. It's too soon in the friendship! Maybe they don't like "blogs" for all I know. But they love Jerry! They moved from Brooklyn to Oxford at the exact same time that Theresa and I moved from Atlanta to Oxford. The gentleman says - and I have no reason to disbelieve him - that Martin Scorsese taught an entire class on THE NUTTY PROFESSOR at NYU. Because this is a "blog," I am going to take his word for it without checking. Also, because he is the type of guy who would know and I trust him and why would he lie? Besides which, I WANT to believe it. It validates a theory I once expressed on this very "blog" about the influence of THE NUTTY PROFESSOR on GOODFELLAS.