Saturday, March 15, 2008

Too Well

Phil is doing his job as foreword writer for our imaginary book HIPSTER HEGEMONY too well! As our expert, he informs us that someone has already come up with our book, and that it is a good one. It's called THE CONQUEST OF COOL by Thomas Frank. But Mr. Frank's sounds like a worried book, maybe, whereas McNeil and I are GLAD Dean Martin made all those movies and Bob Hope and Phyllis Diller sometimes dressed up like hippies. We're just sorry they didn't do it more often! Then there's our focus on the mainstream 60s comedy film as duplicitous defuser of cultural anxiety. And our pretty pictures! We bet Mr. Frank's book doesn't have as many pictures of the various magnificent carpets and lamps of Mr. Jerry Lewis as ours will. Although Mr. Frank does apparently have some good illustrations and interesting things to say about them. "Click" here for an example. This "post" has worn me out. Now I'm too tired to write a book.