Sunday, March 02, 2008

Today In Hot Dog News

I don't mean to brag or anything, but tonight we're going over to John T.'s for some Lobel's hot dogs. That reminds me of a story! Last night at dinner, people were talking about "pink shirts." I remarked that I had a "pink shirt." But they really meant "Pink shirts," as in shirts you buy from Mr. Thomas Pink of London. To divert attention from (or possibly accentuate) my idiocy, I remarked that Pink also made great hot dogs. Ha ha! Wheeeeee! I was having some fun then. I was coyly referring to Pink's hot dogs in Los Angeles. Last time I ate there, I had the privilege of sitting under a large autographed picture of Jerry Lewis. By strange coincidence I also bought an expensive shirt that day, the same day I ate at Pink's, no kidding, the most expensive shirt it has ever been my displeasure to buy. But that's a "post" for another occasion! By another strange coincidence, if you "click" on the Pink's hot dog "link" above, then go to the "star photos" section, you may see Christopher Lloyd, of recent "blog"templation, with a Pink's hot dog. This has been your hot dog news for today, March 2, 2008.