Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Bird Correspondent's TV Korner

Much as our TV correspondent sometimes takes a break to talk about food, or our movie correspondent may dip into a dusty volume of poesy, our Bird Correspondent, Sheri Joseph, would like to take a moment to talk about television. She writes in to say that she noticed three references to Buddy Ebsen on TV shows last week. One involved the existence of a scandalous videotape of Mr. Ebsen. That was on the show Dirty Sexy Money. "House did a whole mini-thread in which Dr. H tries to get job applicants to diagnose what killed Buddy Ebsen," writes the Bird Correspondent. "I can't remember the other! But I know I counted three in a week. I was like, what's going on with Buddy Ebsen?" Well, Bird Correspondent, we can only put your question out there for the contemplation of our movie and TV correspondents and hope for the best. Meanwhile, looking out our attic window right now, we see two squirrels chasing a woodpecker - not the kind of woodpecker the Bird Correspondent helped us identify before, but a smaller, browner kind, which reminds us. We want to ask the Bird Correspondent about the personalities of birds. Is "personality" too strong a word, in the B.C.'s opinion? Yesterday, one of our cats was looking out this same window at two enormous blue jays, which upset the cat. I seem to recall that blue jays are mean. Is that a fair assessment? Also, what did the B.C. think of the intelligent gray parrot who died recently? We meant to ask at the time. Here's a "link," in case the B.C. missed the story. Finally, the other night Theresa and I think we heard an owl right outside our window. It went, "Woo woo-woo WOO WOO woo woo-woo." Was that an owl? It was too verbose to be a whip-poor-will, which we used to hear in Alabama all the time.