Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bookmarkin'! with Jack Pendarvis

It's time once again for "Bookmarkin'! with Jack Pendarvis," our popular and helpful review of the free bookmarks given out by the bookstores of the world, and your guide to matching each one with just the right book. Theresa has just started reading CHRISTINE FALLS, by Elegant Variation "fave" John Banville, writing under the name Benjamin Black. The dust jacket of the American hardcover is quite fine, as I would like to make clear, because I am about to say that the predominant color makes me think of old Shaky's one-liner about the moon, what with her vestal livery being but sick and green and all. But that deathly element is essential, I think. Theresa found a stunning accompaniment in a bookmark from A Cappella Books in Atlanta. The size is perhaps not ideal - it is a little short for a hardcover - but the color, which Theresa identifies as "lime sherbet," makes for a striking pairing. It almost feels inevitable. The bookmark is cool and unassertive, allowing the cover to do most of the work, but providing subtle - nearly playful - hints that no matter how frightening and thrilling the plot may be, it's only a book. A Cappella offers free bookmarks in various shades. The blue, while unexciting, is a good utilitarian bet. But stay away from the Easter egg pink. We have not yet found the book it suits... though come to think of it, our foil-shiny fuchsia 1980s mass market paperback of ROGER'S VERSION is in storage and cannot be tested properly at this time. So we reserve judgement.