Monday, October 15, 2007

We Heart Rejections

"I've discovered that eating uncured bacon results in an insatiable desire for salt," McNeil reports. On an unrelated note, one of his short stories has been rejected by the RED CEDAR REVIEW. McNeil says that if you must be rejected, RED CEDAR REVIEW is the way to go. "It's a form rejection, but signed in what looks like actual ink by the assistant editor and the managing editor," McNeil says. "They try to make you feel better about everything, telling you how much scrutiny the story was under by how many readers, and putting it in perspective by mentioning the large number of submissions they receive. It's thorough and well worded. Not painful at all. I want to start reviewing rejection slips for the 'blog.'" McNeil thinks back on his tussle with the Maryland Grape Growers Association and wonders why everyone can't be like the RED CEDAR REVIEW.