Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The FBIL's Annotation Korner

The name Arnold Stang did not "ring a bell" for the FBIL. But... "I kid you not," he writes, "my very first thought on seeing his picture was, 'He reminds me of Popeye's little suicidal Navy buddy.' Imagine my surprise when Wikipedia told me that Mr. Stang not only resembled Popeye's pal Shorty, he was also the voice of Shorty! I must have somehow subconsciously known that. Further wiki-reading reminded me that I had indeed seen (or heard) Mr. Stang in many projects over the years, from movies to commercials to cartoons and even high camp. Who could forget HERCULES IN NEW YORK? I wish I could." Lay aside such foolish wishes, FBIL! Arnold Stang is back and bigger than ever. The "blog" has received a grant from the Arnold Stang Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring the concept of Arnold Stang to the American cultural consciousness. From now on it's all Arnold Stang, all the time. Let's get on the Stang train, people! Stang!