Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dr. "M.'s" TV Korner: Dr. "M." Recommends

"I know the FBIL won't believe me," writes Dr. "M.," "but I thought of that film and then forgot to include it in my list. D****it, I sound like one of my students. 'That was just what I was gonna say.' 'He said what I was gonna say.' And so on... The mention of George H. reminds me that I am freshly addicted to Dancing with the Stars. (He was on it last season for those who don't know.) That Marie Osmond--what a card. I am rooting for the Cheetah Girl. Or is it Grrrrrrl?" In answer to your question, Dr. "M.," we don't know what a Cheetah Girl or Grrrrrrl is, sorry. We are also curious about your designation of Marie Osmond as a "card" and would like to see some evidence to back it up. We remember her old TV show, on which she seemed pleasant but demure. Also, perhaps you could explain the appeal of Dancing with the Stars in greater depth, so that we will buy into it or be tempted to watch. Finally, we think you owe us some reflections on what was going on with vampires and werewolves during the Reagan years.