Monday, October 29, 2007

Arnold Stang In the Membrane

Sit back, boys and girls. This is going to be long and tedious. The payoff is slim. If you "click" on every "link" and then "click" on every other "link" in every other "post" to which you are taken, you will be reading this "post" forever, for all practical purposes. This "post" is dedicated to Arnold Stang completists everywhere. So McNeil works with a guy named George, who shares our interest in certain movies and TV shows. The other day, McNeil told George about my lunch with Anthony Zerbe. Somehow, the conversation got around to the time that George had interviewed one Jack Arnold for a job designing the web site for a sheriff's office. Are you with me so far? Nothing about Jack Arnold's CV suggested that he might be able to design a web site, but according to this story, George called him in because Mr. Arnold had directed several 1950s science fiction classics, such as THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN, and George wanted to talk to him and get some juicy stories. Well, when McNeil got home he looked up Jack Arnold on IMDB and found that Mr. Arnold had also directed Bob Hope in A GLOBAL AFFAIR (a former object of "blog"templation) AND Arnold Stang in HELLO DOWN THERE. I tell you, McNeil has not been so excited since the director of HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE AND RUIN YOUR LIFE died in Charlotte. (For an explanation of the picture, see the original "posting." I "link" back to it for those of you who read the "blog" during weekdays, when you should be working at your work computers. There's a small chance you may have missed an important part of the Stang saga over the weekend.)