Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Maud Newton

I have just finished looking at every single "blog" on the "internet" and have figured out that Maud Newton's is the best. ("Click" here to go to it and stop wasting your time with this one or any other.) Her little sidebar alone is a treasure. If I go to her page at this precise moment (though perhaps it will change by the time you "click") I get insight on many of this "blog's" own recurring subjects - Alison Bechdel, Charles Schulz, Donald Barthelme, Poe, Proust, YouTube, Greenwood, MS, Amanda Stern, Lorrie Moore, George Saunders, Brooklyn, the New York Times Book Review, and Stephen King. Insight! What's that? It's a thrilling discovery for us here at the "blog." Maud Newton does it so we don't have to. I don't know Ms. Newton at all, have never communicated with her even through today's modern convenience of computers, though I think we may have one or two mutual friends. Still, she is going to be placed with honors in my FRIENDS WITH "BLOGS" section, replacing my friend Mary, who deleted her "blog" in a fit of responsibility. Fittingly, I believe Mary once ran into Ms. Newton over at Square Books. Maud Newton, everybody! Maud Newton! Best "blog" ever!