Friday, October 26, 2007

Scrabble on the "Internet": The Ultimate Evil?

Remember when I used to fulminate against the evils of the "myspace"? Ha ha! Whew! Those were the days. Now I am Rupert Murdoch's willing lackey. It just feels so pleasant and satisfying to be brainwashed. Noting my fantastical degree of suggestibility, two of my "internet" chums - Lynn Shelton and Kent Osborne (also an actual flesh-and-blood chum in real actual life) - are waging a campaign to get me to join "facebook" so that we can "play Scrabble on the 'internet.'" THIS IS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE! There will be no "facebook" "internet" Scrabble. NOT ON MY WATCH! Very occasionally, I should write something. As things stand, I spend half my time "blogging" about why these modern kids these days don't watch STAR TREK and the other half checking to see if BEST IN SHOW's Jennifer Coolidge has agreed to be my "myspace" friend. (P.S. She has!)