Thursday, October 18, 2007

Talks Break Down

Light "blogging" day. I've been working on the next novel (after AWESOME). Or it may turn out to be a leaflet. Still, there won't even be a MGMIEET today. McNeil cites "creative differences." He sent something in that started with Jerry Lewis making funny noises and mispronouncing things - perfect! But that bit segued into some World War II material that was a little too gloomy for the "blog." As talks were ongoing, news of Joey Bishop's death came over the wire and McNeil and I were too shaken to continue. But if you need something to occupy your mind until tomorrow, Laura Lippman's "blog" has "linked" to a long, interesting article about THE WIRE. Anyhow, there were two MGMIEETs yesterday, so everything balances out.