Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Crazy Movie

Gales of delighted laughter from downstairs. Theresa is still researching cultural representations of Patty Hearst, currently in the form of a ragtag homemade movie by Raymond Pettibon. It's called CITIZEN TANIA. From what we have seen, it is too "racy" and full of "bad words" for the "blog." But it is right up Barry B.'s alley and we urge him to get hold of a copy as soon as possible. We're sending this movie recommendation across the "blog" waves directly to your door, Barry B. It's not available on Netflix, we already checked for you. In fact, VHS seems to be the only format in which CITIZEN TANIA is available. You always seem to be able to find this kind of stuff, so godspeed, Barry B.! Theresa acquired it through an inter-library loan (it was in Kansas!), proving that McNeil was absolutely right about the convenience of such an arrangement.