Wednesday, May 02, 2007

McNeil's Movie Korner: The Total Film-Maker

Welcome once again to McNeil's Movie Korner, which in this case is two emails we received from Mr. McNeil (who recently attained an adjunct faculty position at a university) cut-and-pasted and crammed together into a single "post" like so: "There is a library in Nigeria that has a copy of THE TOTAL FILM-MAKER by Jerry Lewis! If you ask me how I know, the answer will astound you. There is a tool on the university web site called 'WorldCat' (for faculty only!). WorldCat is a database of all the card catalogs of all the libraries in all the world. All you have to do is type in Total Film-Maker and up pops every library that has a copy - in the whole big wide world! Magical. And I can do it from home. Unpublished dissertation on Bob Hope and his effect on the American psyche during the war years? I doubt it. But if there is one, WorldCat will find it for you. And then you can put it on library loan shows up in about a week. I'd hate to see a cut-n-paste job on this one pendarvis...put a little effort into editing this time." No, sir, I will not!