Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Awe Upgraded to Worship

McNeil called last night to confirm that his awe of Phil Oppenheim has been officially upgraded to "worship" status with the news that Phil's mom used to date Arnold Stang. McNeil demands a T-shirt with Phil's face on it. "I'm not sure who else would buy that," I said. "Phil would," McNeil replied. On the back of the T-shirt, McNeil would like to see a print-out of Phil's "blog"trospective, which would serve as a reminder of all the reasons that McNeil worships Phil. On the relationship of awe to worship, please see the deep thoughts of a talkative poet ("click" here). We will put the Phil Oppenheim "baby T" up for sale at our "blog" store, along with our Caroline Young bumper stickers. This "post" made possible in part by a grant from the Arnold Stang Foundation.