Monday, October 22, 2007

Return of the Velvet Suit

Remember how we used to count cigarette holders? What a waste of time that was! So we've decided to count velvet suits instead, in honor of Dr. "M." and her well known fondness for velvet suits. Right now I'm reading SCHULZ AND PEANUTS by David Michaelis, and last night I came across a description of the six-year-old Charles Schulz decked out in a velvet suit. I believe the passage is worth quoting: "[H]e sits on the grass of a St. Paul park, in velvet suit and Eton collar, earnestly posed under a lacquered Oriental parasol." Hey, do you know who else likes "Peanuts" besides George Saunders (as first reported on the "blog")? Kent Osborne, that's who! Look at the round head of his sad little character. I just spoke to Mike Mitchell tonight, who brought up Kent's comic out of the blue and couldn't stop talking about how good it is. Buy one and see for yourself! Check the "comment" space for a "blurb" from "yours truly"!