Friday, November 30, 2007

"Blog" Movie Club

All this talk of Jerry Lewis got me to wondering: What are the "fave" movies of our various "blog" participants? So I sent out a bunch of emails. The first two responses I've received really make me think! Antoine Wilson's favorite movie is THE JERK. And here's what Tom Franklin had to say: "While The Godfather and Apocalypse Now are usually one of My Top Two, Dumb & Dumber is ALWAYS there. Dumb & Dumber. I don't believe I need to go into more detail." First it is interesting that two novelists of surpassing darkness and violence put two such wild - might we say zany? - comedies at the top of their lists (although it must be said that there is some slashing humor in the work of both men). Secondly, it is heartening that by coincidence our first two films show such an obvious debt to the work of Jerry Lewis. Okay, bye!