Monday, November 26, 2007

Something Else That Is Not Butter Also

As you know, from time to time our mysterious correspondent Dr. "M." will take off her TV critic hat and put on her food critic hat. It is in the latter capacity that she provides an addendum to McNeil's recent reflections on butter substitutes manufactured by former automotive tycoons: "I highly recommend a vegan organic whipped 'butter spread' known as Earth Balance," testifies Dr. "M." She describes the product as "unbelievably delicious." On a presumably unrelated topic, Dr. "M." goes on: "We had a clog in our sink today, and a plumber had to come over after the landlord worked on it for 2 hours. It took the plumber 15 minutes to unclog my drain, and it cost $225. Read what you will into that, but just know that he had to climb onto my roof to unclog the drain! Yes people, the roof!"