Monday, November 26, 2007

Perhaps a Kitten

Looks like we have a new cat. We did not go out looking for a cat. Was it Patrick Henry or Shakespeare who said, "Some people go out looking for cats, some have cats thrust upon them"? This cat is a young cat, technically still a kitten, perhaps, which fact sent us scurrying to our vast feline research library, where we found no helpful information on introducing a kitten to a couple of older cats. We did, however, run across a quotation - in UNDERSTANDING CATS by Roger Tabor - from one Harrison Weir, writing in 1889: Cats, observes Weir, "will rear other animals such as rats, rabbits, squirrels, puppies, hedgehogs; and, when motherly inclined, will take to almost anything, even to a young pigeon." It has almost nothing to do with the subject at hand but at least it seemed like something to "blog" about, or maybe the basis for a terrible Disney cartoon. Somebody get to work on it. (I find I am unable to work up the enthusiasm to look for a picture of a kitten with which to illustrate this "post." I do, however, have access to a video of our friend Kent's cat poking its head out of a paper bag. Enjoy!)