Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Mustang Is Not Stang; Stang Is Not a Mustang

We hear from our dear friend Shana that there is a guy at our ex-corner video store trying to pooh-pooh our great new slang word for money: Stang. This villain claims to have used the word "mustang," meaning "money," for "years." Can this be true? I do recall that the Mustang automobile is sometimes affectionately called a "stang." But OUR Stang, the true Stang, is named for the one and only Arnold Stang! There is a big, important difference, probably. Someone please research this for me: Is "mustang" really a common word for "money"? I'm looking at you, FBIL! Even if it is, a mustang is no match for Arnold Stang! We stand by our Stang. (Pictured, a mustang, not to be confused with Arnold Stang.) P.S. While I was looking for a picture of a mustang, I found this web site about a friendly mustang. It's a little bonus for you! You're welcome!