Sunday, November 18, 2007

Look What Kent Made

Look what our old friend Kent made! With efforts like these, soon the whole world will be using our great new word for money: STANG. And I believe Kent is in Europe right now. Imagine him sitting in Europe, working on this. It is heartening! Speaking of Stang, I was thinking that David Simon, the co-creator of THE WIRE, could start sprinkling the word around in his show. People turn to THE WIRE for the latest in authentic lingo. I realize that "Stang" is not "authentic"... yet! But think of it this way, Mr. Simon: you will be ahead of the trends! I know we are on the same wavelength... like when the word "dag" - one of my personal favorites - appeared on THE WIRE that time. I believe THE WIRE has finished shooting, but from what I understand of audio capabilities, it would be easy for you to go in and "loop" some dialogue where people say "Stang" a lot, meaning "money." Thanks in advance! Hey, speaking of audio, I should have told all of you "blog" enjoyers to keep your speakers turned up when you "clicked" on that horse's web page. It had the same kind of music as the castaway chimp! In fact, it's always good to leave your speakers on. So much of today's modern entertainment depends on sound and whatnot. Here, for your ease and comfort, I will present easy access to both pieces of music. "Click" here for horse music. "Click" here for chimp music. Compare and contrast!