Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dear Bird Correspondent

The bird correspondent responds to our recent query: "Interesting! I'd say it's unlikely, though not impossible, that your squirrel tail was left behind by a great-horned owl. Owls are nocturnal, squirrels are diurnal. More likely your squirrel was grabbed by a red-tailed hawk, or a cat or dog, or perhaps a neighbor who thought it would be amusing to leave a squirrel tail in your driveway. But if your owl is having bad luck hunting at night, then sure, he'll wake up during the day and eat a squirrel." (Meanwhile, we heard the owl again last night. Theresa looked on the "internet" for pictures, and read that the great horned owl has "wings designed for silent flight." The "internet" also said that there is one recorded instance of a great horned owl killing a person. But it was on Wikipedia, so who knows?)