Friday, November 16, 2007

Word From the Farmer

In response to our recent inquiries, we have received word from the Farmer, filtered through his spokesperson, Dr. "M." The Farmer, it seems, does not watch a televised farm report. But as we surmised, the "internet" proves to be of use for our busy modern farmers living in this strange world of today. Dr. "M." reports: "I don't know if you knew that [the Farmer] manages a part of the Georgia Organics website--or used to?--where people have conversations about farming stuff. I believe it is what the kids call threaded conversations? Who knows! In any case, he poses a question that prompts people to chat. Oh wait, I think the proper term is discussion board. Before that he had a regular column in the GO newsletter called 'Ask Farmer Daniel'! What a hoot, huh? [In order to protect Dr. "M.'s" identity, we can neither confirm or deny that the Farmer's actual name is Daniel. - ed.] A great website in case readers are interested is, which provides links to local markets, restaurants that serve local food, etc." (Pictured, a harvesting of sorghum. From now on, every "post" will be illustrated by a sorghum harvest, Arnold Stang and friends, or Mr. Spock playing his guitar.)