Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today's Weather: Experts Predict Rise In Flannel Use

Hi, everybody! I have some new slippers. Unlike my old slippers, they are not deadly dangerous. But are they warm? Why, they couldn't be warmer. Sometimes I think they might be TOO warm! Ha ha ha! Seriously. Sometimes I have to take them off for a second because they're too warm. Speaking of things that are warm, people keep writing in to ask when I think I'll take the legendary and beloved flannel pants out of storage. Chat rooms have been founded to discuss the issue. All I can say is, keep reading the "blog"! This evening our neighbor brought over a bouquet of flowers from her magnificent garden, upon which I have the good fortune to gaze as I write in the attic every day. She's predicting a cold snap tonight - possibly even a freeze - and she was kind enough to make us the beneficiaries of the impending botanical disaster. Well, this has been another edition of our continuing regular feature "Today's Weather." In keeping with my promise, I include here a picture of Mr. Spock playing his guitar.