Friday, November 30, 2007

The End

Here's the final bit of our recent Jerry Lewis saga. Mark Osborne emails to say, "Here's a totally crazy and weird thing -- this morning I heard a clip on NPR of John Waters recommending CRASH (not the classy message film) as one of his favorite films. You made a comparison between CRASH and Waters' PINK FLAMINGOS in your blog yesterday! What are the chances of that? Your blog is intimately connected to the zeitgeist once again..." Osborne goes on to clarify his position on Jerry Lewis: "I do enjoy the funny parts (like his pantomime/lip sync bit pretending the be the studio executive near the end of the Errand Boy), but sometimes there is a vast wasteland between these scraps of entertainment." Finally, Osborne claims to "love HARDLY WORKING." He seems sincere, or is he just trying to make us feel better? And he concludes with a vivid memory of another movie (like PINK FLAMINGOS and ARTISTS AND MODELS) that we watched together: Osborne, his brother Kent, Mr. Ward, and I heckling the Sandra Bullock vehicle WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING from the balcony of the magnificent El Capitan.