Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You've Been Stanged... Again!

We haven't talked about Stang in awhile. But here's a perfect opportunity. Kent has "posted" another video. This one shows his trip to Sweden for the Stockholm Film Festival, which featured his movie Hannah Takes the Stairs. For "blog" purposes, the most fascinating part of the video is the fraction of a second in which the wary viewer may catch a sign that reads "STANGD." Of interest in a more general way is the seeming fact that a guy dressed like a shrimp creature from a Hieronymous Bosch painting walks around on the sidewalks of Stockholm like it's no big deal. Also, there is a shot of Kent's picture in a Swedish newspaper. Wow! Okay. You've been Stanged... again! (Pictured, a detail from a painting by Hieronymous Bosch, sadly sans shrimp creature. Or I'll tell you the truth: maybe he's in there somewhere. It's like "Where's Waldo"!)