Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Texas Picnic Massacre at Chainsaw Rock

Knowing Barry B. to be an expert in films of terror and suspense, I thought I would give him a call about some specific confusion and angst that Theresa and I experienced during our recent viewing of PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK. Barry B. identified. Not only had he experienced a quite similar onslaught of confusion at the same moments of PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, he reported feeling an analogous sensation not many days ago, during TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE IV, most notably in the sequence when - SPOILER ALERT!!!! - Matthew McConaughey is (in Barry B.'s words) "wiped out by a cropduster." We concluded our phone conversation by agreeing that PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE IV would make an instructive double feature.