Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Timely Recurrence of Sorghum

Last night a nice couple came over for dinner. The gentleman brought cornbread, baked according to his grandmother's recipe. He also brought a jar of sorghum molasses to drizzle over the cornbread - once again, in the style of his grandmother. It was delicious! So this morning I awoke at five for some reason and turned on the TV, and lo and behold the farm report was on. I was not aware that farm reports were still on the air. I remember seeing the farm report when I was a very small child at the home of my grandfather, who was a farmer. This modern farm report we have in the modern world of today has its own farming web site. Anyway, the point I am slowly coming to is this: I learned from the farm report that this year's sorghum crop has been 92% harvested. The timely recurrence of sorghum made me kind of curious about what sorghum is, exactly, but not enough to look it up.