Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Secret Qualifications of Dr. "M."

"I know that Dr. 'M.' has eaten breakfast in Hawaii," might think the dubious "blog" reader. "But how exactly is she qualified to tell me which butter substitute to use?" I'm glad you asked! If Dr. "M." is not thoroughly informed on the subject of food, why was SHE selected to write the article on Krispy Kreme donuts for vol. 7 of THE NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOUTHERN CULTURE (edited by "blog" friend and neighbor John T. Edge)? Ask yourself that! I thought long and hard about this and have decided that I am not "blowing" Dr. "M.'s" "cover," knowing that the "blog" readership is mostly made up of tired persons like myself who are disinclined to look things up. If we do look things up, it is on Wikipedia, and we're not sure they're true, so we have gradually learned to not care if something is true or not. But if you DO like truth and books for some reason, ask a loved one to use a piece of masking tape to cover up Dr. "M.'s" actual name so as not to compromise her identity. Thank you. In other food news, McNeil sends an email entitled "aspartame rocks!!!" (The three exclamation points are McNeil's.)