Monday, November 26, 2007

Lee Iacocca's Margarine

McNeil has been watching his health. He's so frail! Anyway, he has switched over to margarine, or something like it. He went to the store and surveyed all the products and finally settled on a butter substitute made by Lee Iacocca. Moreover, he chose it BECAUSE and ONLY because it is made by Lee Iacocca. "It's part olive oil and part motor oil," went McNeil's shrewd witticism on the subject. Oh, you don't believe that Lee Iacocca makes margarine? "Click" here, disbeliever! That reminds me of something I read recently in THE STAR MACHINE, a fascinating book by Jeanine Basinger. Here, I'll quote it: "[Mickey Rooney] invented a round hot dog with a hole in the middle so you could put it on a hamburger bun (the Weenie Whirl)." Okay, for you people who have never heard of Larry King's column, Mr. Spock, Mickey Rooney, or Lee Iacocca, please familiarize yourself with Mr. Iacocca by "clicking" here... on his "BLOG"!