Thursday, July 10, 2008


My "iPod" broke! Or, to put it in the special "computer" language in which it informed me, it has been "corrupted." How Biblical! Yea, it said it has been "corrupted" and "cannot be restored." Speaking of the Bible, I seem to have lost my Bible during the move. No Bible and no "iPod"! What's a boy to do for entertainment? I think it is strange that I used the word "corrupted" in a "post" yesterday, only to have my damaged and rage-filled "iPod" throw it back in my face. And now, for your reflection, I leave you with an excerpt from MOSES UND ARON by Arnold Schoenberg, which used to be on my "iPod." (NOTE: I briefly had the Golden Calf scene here instead, which was much more thematically appropriate and just what I had in mind. But when I watched it all the way through, I saw I had put up a version in which they apparently butcher a real cow, and you know how I feel about that as a cinematic device!)