Saturday, July 05, 2008

Legal Matters

Don't worry! Today's subject is not "literary matters," which are horrifically tedious, always. Look again! We are discussing "legal matters," which are exciting and dramatic! For example, yesterday I was reading in the paper about how "Google" is going to rat you out to "the man" by releasing all their information about whatever it is you've been watching secretly on the YouTube. It's pursuant to a ruling in a lawsuit. Viacom is upset that people have been watching their material for free. By coincidence I received an email yesterday from "Blog" Buddy and David Letterman fan Jason Headley (pictured), who "linked" me to his latest Letterman-obssessed discovery on YouTube. I believe David Letterman and his network and his show are owned by Viacom, so we can expect to see Jason Headley on the witness list, and possibly thrown into jail, for all the free Viacom entertainment he has been enjoying. What will the court learn about YOU from YOUR YouTube habits? As for me, there will be plenty of debate in chambers about why I enjoy repeatedly watching this woman perform the opening number from "The Music Man" in her own home. (You may remember her from the "blog" advent calendar, in which she performed some Gilbert & Sullivan.) Speaking of Gilbert & Sullivan & legal matters, I was reading an article in the paper the other day about how Chief Justice Roberts recently quoted Bob Dylan in a decision, and how Chief Justice Rehnquist used to enjoy quoting Gilbert & Sullivan in his. And I was like, "Hey, I once mentioned Gilbert & Sullivan & Bob Dylan in the same 'post.' I should be on the Supreme Court!" That's what I was like. And I danced a merry gavotte to celebrate my specialness. Hey, I know nobody "clicks" on my "links." It depresses me.