Sunday, July 27, 2008


I was watching a production of LES TROYENS - I was, too! - and it made me start thinking about the symbolic significance of the horse - it did, too! So I got out a nice old dictionary of symbols I bought in a used bookstore in New York back in 1996. The book FELL OPEN to the PART ABOUT HORSES! Well, it was helped by the fact that some ephemera was nestled against that page - a plain black-and-white business card that said "The Emin" in lettering both portentous and raised, a business card which has been lying there undetected next to the entry on "Horse" for lo these 12 years. Waiting for me! Portentously! Full of portent! Underneath "The Emin" there was a street address and a phone number and no other information. So I "Googled" "The Emin" and came up with this: "click" here, taking care to note that I neither understand nor endorse the beliefs of "The Emin," any more than I understand or endorse the theology of Pastor Melissa Scott. But it seemed like a thing to put on a "blog."