Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lap Talk

Welcome once again to "Lap Talk." The Time Out New York article has appeared, and the interviewer did not use my story involving a lap, so, as promised, here it is on your favorite recurring feature of the "blog," "Lap Talk": "One of our cats just started doing a spontaneous circus-like trick last week," I informed the interviewer. "I happened to be whistling the song 'Rye Whiskey' by Tex Ritter. The cat perked up, came over to the couch where I was sitting, and started purring extremely loudly while jumping with gusto back and forth over my lap. Now, out of nowhere, the cat does this whenever I whistle 'Rye Whiskey.' This song, in its whistled form, makes her very happy and full of energy. Two nights ago, as an experiment, my wife tried whistling the tune, and the cat came over and began jumping back and forth over her lap in the same vibrant manner, once again purring loudly. It works without fail!" (And yes, that was the answer to a question.)