Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Real Life Pipe

The above plaque comes to us from Dan Brown, via a friend of his who was visiting Marfa, Texas, and snapped the photograph. Dan Brown, you may recall, directed a short film of my short story "The Pipe." The third paragraph of the plaque is very nearly a summary of the story and film, which is why Dan Brown's friend sent him the picture. Marfa is also home to the famous "Marfa Lights," a weird phenomenon that has nothing to do with UFOs, but for some reason makes me think of UFOs and that's good enough for me. As you know, UFOs have been a preoccupation of the "blog," as evidenced by the time that Jasper Johns saw a UFO, or McNeil's popular "Way... Way Out" column. Dan Brown himself has provided UFO footage. And then there were the Texas UFOs. So it all comes together.