Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two Updates

Our "internet friend" from She Blogged By Night sends us this picture of Nedra Harrison in a format compatible with the "blog." We are thus able for the first time to properly illustrate a "post" about the elusive Nedra Harrison. Here we see Dr. Harrison in her "aviatrix" gear - you know, that leather helmet with goggles on it for which I am sure there is a name. Phil probably knows, in the same way that he knows what to call one of those bicycles with a big wheel on front and a little wheel on back. In our second update, Frasier fan Kelly Hogan is able to confirm that Frasier does take off his shirt a lot. It is not just my imagination. "YES!" she writes emphatically. "But not near as many [times with his shirt off] as Gordon Ramsey in Kitchen Nightmares! Brrr..." I have never watched "Kitchen Nightmares," so I'm not sure if Kelly is joking about the host taking off his shirt, though I am inclined to take her word for it. Nor am I aware if her "Brrr" is meant to indicate some sort of existential horror about our failing human bodies or simply the idea that Gordon Ramsey might get chilly with no shirt on.