Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stay Indoors: Phil On Rampage

Phil is on a rampage! By which I mean that he has sent two emails. For Phil, that is "a whirlwind of activity" and indeed "a rampage." The title of Phil's first email is "Could This Be the Best Blurb Ever?" Here is its content: "From Christopher Castiglia and Glenn Hendler’s introduction to 'Franklin Evans, or The Inebriate,' by Walt Whitman: '"Franklin Evans" is a particularly important historical document precisely for the reason critics and editors have left it unread for decades: it is an incoherent and often aesthetically dissatisfying text.'" Yes, Phil, that is the best blurb ever. In his followup email, Phil changes his mind once again about "the best site on the 'internet.'" NOW he thinks it's this one ("click" here) about bubble gum cards. I still contend that his original choice was right on the money. (Pictured, courtesy Phil's current favorite "web" site, the rear view of a bubble gum card from DAKTARI, a TV show I remember because I am old. The front view shows a lion in a truck, and is too depressing for the "blog.")