Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dr. "M." Goes For the Jugular

Dr. "M." circles her prey with courtly elegance, still trying to get me to read a series of "Young Adult" novels about vampires. NEVER! But she's found a soft place for the attack - my affection for wisecracking teen detective Veronica Mars. Surely if I'll watch a TV show about a wisecracking teen detective, I will read a book about a girl named Bella who falls in love with a hunky teen vampire. A hard point to deny! Not to mention humiliating. As I struggle to continue "blogging" in a recumbent and weakened state, Dr. "M." emails in the smooth, hypnotic tones of the undead: "I would describe Bella's relationship with her father as very Veronica-Keith Mars-esque, but without the witty retorts." Nice try, Dr. "M."! But here's where you went wrong: "without the witty retorts." I love witty retorts and refuse to read any book that does not contain them. And so... the hunter becomes the hunted! Or something. Our mysterious and eternal dance something something something.